Caroline Cote - Filmmaker, Cinematographer & Adventurer (Canada)


Caroline is an adventure cinematographer from Montreal. Her goal is to capture moments when people are living in adversity within the natural environment. She recently went into an unexplored region of Antartica and climbed virgin summits of the Forbidden Plateau to bring back footage for a compelling documentary. She also completed an Atlantic Ocean crossing in a performance team, the 60 feet sailboat was skipped by none other than Georges Leblanc. She has also undertaken and completed many ultra running distance competitions (80km, 125km).

She could say that being an adventure cinematographer is just a title, something you put on Linkedin and nobody really knows what this is, but at the end of the day, what she really does is bring inspiring stories to people. It’s her mission to educate and engage people about nature conservation. Her vision is to tell fascinating stories that capture your imagination with powerful cinematography.

Instagram: @caro.line.cote

Ian Finch - Researcher & Adventurer (United Kingdom)


Ian is an adventurer and keen researcher who’s been passionately travelling to remote environments to learn about 1st nations cultures for over 4 years.  His  journeys have featured in the Evening Standard press,, and He recently returned from walking north to south through the remote Outer Hebrides to learn about the ancient crofting culture and people of the islands.

He spent a number of years as a commando in the Royal Marines, where he qualified in the mountain and arctic environment and worked with US Marines in the states.

Some of his recent journeys have taken him to Greenland where he spent time with Inuit hunters and also native people of Tibet, Iceland, Nepal and China and other parts of Europe. Here he travelled alongside the 1st nation cultures to learn about their ancient traditions and ways of life.

He combines photography, writing and filmmaking with a passion for adventure. His endeavours are regularly filmed and shared in an attempt to inspire and educate about remote regions. When not overseas, Ian lives in Hertfordshire, just outside of London.



Twitter: @ian_efinch

Instagram: @ianefinch

Jay Kolsch - Adventure Photographer (United States)


Jay Kolsch spent his years after college as a photo assistant working closely with some of the world’s top photographers. He began photographing professionally in 2014 and continues to refine his portfolio and push his boundaries in adventure. He feels most at peace exhausted, dirty and far from home. When he’s not in the backcountry you can find him in Brooklyn complaining about how hip his neighbourhood has become.


Instagram: @jaykolsch

Martin Trahan - Long Distance Canoeist, Adventurer (Canada)

Martin with a beard

Martin is an adventurer from Canada who took part in the historical Canada expedition of the year 2015 «Les chemins de l’or bleu – The blue gold paths ». He paddled across Canada by canoe with five other paddlers. His expedition started on April 25th 2015 in the icy waters of Lake of Two Mountains in Montreal and ended 7000 kilometers away from its beginning journey on October 16th 2015 along the coast of the Mackenzie River in Inuvik in the Polar circle. This incredible six month journey entitled him to engage in a close relationship with nature, was an occasion to reconnect with the Earth and retraced the legendary explorations of many historical voyageurs such as Pierre Gaultier de la Vérendrye, Alexander Mackenzie as well as follow the traces of Canada’s First Nations. This odyssey across Canada was imbued of three main preoccupations: the sensitisation of the general public to the importance of preserving our natural heritage, the richness of our nature and waters as well as the benefits of physical activity in the outdoors.

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